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Transforming Education for the Next Generation. InventtEd™, a ground-breaking and intelligent platform has been designed from the ground up to reinvent every facet of education in the institutions. From increased productivity, administrative efficiency to an engaged student-teacher network, and most importantly, holistic improvement of student performance in both academic and non-academic journey, this AI-enabled cloud platform is centralized, fully advanced, innovative, customizable and integrates easily with the institutions. It’s a one-stop solution for schools from basic ERP to advanced AI, making it the best learning management system in India and one of the best in the world.

Institution - LMS Can Help Every School in India and the World

Every student deserves the best opportunities in life. That is why our mission is to empower the education ecosystem with AI which helps educators and students realize their potential, in their way. Educators are motivated by the chance to make a difference in the lives of students. But too often, fragmented technologies add chaos and push people apart. Processes become fragmented, ideas get lost and efforts are duplicated. InventtEd™ is here to change that. Our learning management system can revolutionize the education in India and around the world.

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Students - Learning Management Systems can simplify learning.

Enhance productivity with smart tutoring systems, which aim to provide immediate and customized instructions or feedback to help all learners grasp concepts and interact fearlessly with teachers, which also provides an advantage to students to assess themselves and improve accordingly.

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Parents - LMS systems can help parents keep track of their children's progress


It is As Easy as Plug and Play, a personalized app to understand the performance metrics of your child, one can measure the reasons behind the success or failure. This platform provides an advantage to maintain daily updates and tasks with parental control.

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Teachers - Learning Management System will help teachers organize and manage teaching & learning activities.


Guide individual students and the whole class/school work on the possible areas of improvement based on the performance analysis report created by the InventtEd™ AI. InventtEd™ takes care of most of the repetitive activities such as marking attendance, analyzing reports, creating assignments, quizzes, etc which reduces more than 30% of the effort.

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Product Features

    • 01


      Ability to adopt what you know and know-how to do and apply it.

    • 02


      An approach whereby one can learn by engaging in direct application on their learning.

    • 03


      Change the orients in a new direction and takes it to an entirely different level of effectiveness

Visual Analysis & Analytics Reports - With our LMS, we provide insightful reports that are innovative and not found on other learning management systems in the market.

With the help of Advanced and cutting edge technologies such as Artificial intelligence and Machine learning, we have made the visual analysis, analytical reports, and collaboration tools that holds Diverse Student Information which is Easy to Understand and covers every aspect of students and generates Eye-Catching Reports to Track Performance along with individual subject performance matrix and grading system. All of this is possible with our world class learning management system.


Visual Learning Library - Our LMS contains a quality library to learn visually.

Providing a centralized cloud platform which helps students with self-paced learning environment and helping teachers to reduce more than 30% effort their efforts via cloud platform where all videos, documents and assignments of the entire academic year will be securely stored and enables teachers to host their recorded videos and live sessions. It also provides flexibility for teachers to create any assignments either online or offline in just a matter of few clicks.


Collaboration & Communication - Our Learning Management System has in-built support for collaboration and communication

A Solution with One single collaborative platform where Seamless interaction between school, students, and parents will be established where this is the crucial part that plays an important role in the academic journey. Every bit of information from the school will be communicated to the authorities with eye-catching visual reports which help schools to take the right action/decision at right time. Information such as academics, sports, attendance, interests, passion and behavior, and other metrics from teachers and parents will help the teachers, parents, students, and school authorities to handle each aspect carefully and help each student to scale to newer heights.


Awards And Rewards - Keep track of Awards and Rewards with our LMS

The Effect of Rewards is to keep students self-Motivated. This key feature helps students to get motivated by themselves by gaining reward points for every question they asked and their participation in the communities which will not only help them to gain knowledge but also boost their spirit. With the help of this Awards and Rewards system, students will help themselves by actively participating in the quizzes, communities, and Q&A sessions by which they bridge the gap of communication and collaboration. Using the reward points students can redeem them to purchase school accessories, courses, merchandise, etc. which helps students to gain confidence and keeps them motivated throughout their academic journey.


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