5 Reasons why your school or college needs marketing support

  1. Competitive Advantage: The right marketing strategy will enable your school to identify the unique qualities and features that can set you apart from your competitors and help you position yourself in your local market and with your target student market.

By creating your own distinctive school identity, you ensure your marketing activities are consistent and aligned and highlight what makes your school different and better from its competitors.

  1. Position your School: Evaluate your current position, determine where you would like to be, understand your target audience, set measurable and realistic goals for the school and develop a plan for how you will achieve your desired position.
  1. Building Reputation: Developing a marketing strategy will help your institution understand its key target audiences and market niche, from prospective students and parents to existing and potential students and staff, as well as any pain points. By addressing these through your unique school offerings and benefits, you can tailor your school communications consistently across all marketing channels. 

The key to building a positive brand reputation alongside recognition is to demonstrate to your target audience how your school or college will benefit them, so understanding their needs and demonstrating how you will meet them is essential to building a favorable brand reputation.

  1. Budget Management: Having a solid marketing strategy ensures that every penny you spend on promotional activities counts! The marketing budget can be a limiting factor for many colleges and schools, so developing effective strategies is vital to getting the most value from your budget.
  1. Technical Edge: Almost all the schools and colleges want to outperform their competitors in terms of admissions. All the schools and colleges are using different strategies for the same, but a specialist only would be able to point out the loopholes where the management is lagging behind. It might be because of the lack of creativity in the marketing strategy or age-old methods you are using still in this competitive world. 

Why InventtEd? Our strategic offering for schools and colleges

InventtEd does it all for you! We help you save 90% on digitization costs and increase 200% productivity through our unique solutions. Our premium offerings: 

  • A robust cloud-based school or campus management system that allows you to manage multiple branches and automize your school administration
  • A user-friendly learning management system that serves all the academic needs
  • Marketing audits to advise direction and focus new marketing activity where it is needed
  • Marketing plan development, monitor success, and offer recommendations
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