Does UI and UX of Learning Management Systems matter?

UI stands for “User Interface”, which is a system that deals with the interaction of users with the system software and applications. 

UX stands for “User Experience”, a system that deals with the all-over user experience with a particular product or service. 

These two systems, UI and UX, are interdependent. They work together whenever we want to provide any service online or make any product for mass users. 

Does the UI and UX of LMS matter?

The answer to this question is “Yes”, as UI and UX are designing part of the development process of any system. It matters a lot for the Learning Management System, as it proves to be the success predictor of a system. We need to combine the outline and content of UI with UX to allow our business to meet the set goals.

LMS is an interactive system whose success depends on how easy its navigation is and user-friendly it proves to be. A disarranged and outdated design of UI makes the system staggered and shuffled. A UX with several clicks and complex navigation options will hold back the user to interact with the system perfectly. LMS is all about inventing a constant tradition of learning and development. Therefore, an interactive system like LMS needs a physically attractive UI and refreshing usable UX.

What makes LMS’s UI and UX important?

Every single thing about LMS’s UI and UX is important. Our future generation is regularly involved with the software and platforms, for which UI and UX are constantly upgrading. Most of the famous software and platforms, which are in use, are constantly enhancing them. So, LMS also needs to be enhanced not to get outdated. 

The UI and UX play a major role if LMS wants to gain engagement rates, readiness, and features. Modern learners are already acquainted with the learning and development process. So, they usually find it boring, uninspiring, and time-consuming. And at the end, they find the current LMS outdated and incompetent, which hinders their learning process.

Types of UI and UX modern learners appreciate

From our study and conversation with learners, we concluded some factors that learners appreciate in an LMS system.

Dark and Light modes

Students might like to take their learning and development training at night. It may require them to sit in front of a computer screen for hours. This practice may have a bad impact on their eyes and mind. So, learners will go for that LMS, which will provide them with both dark and light modes. Learners can use light mode in daytime readings and dark mode in night readings. Interestingly, this minute feature can work for learners to accept an LMS.

Avoid jarring graphics and design elements

The reading content provided to learners should be legible and clear. It must seem soothing for the eyes and relaxing for the mind. Too many jarring colours, texts, shapes, and images must be precisely avoided in the design of the LMS learning course.

The same must be with the UI design of LMS as well. The best technique to design the UI and UX is light colours, subtle text fonts, and round edges.

Avoid needless features, allow for quick administration. LMS administration functions should not take much time for learners. Too many functions cause distractions and act as barriers to their learning process.

The colours that the LMS system uses should be grey, silver, or white. Light colours make it look better.

Light fonts and rounded edge icons are resilient and easy on the eyes. So, the modem LMS should be soothing and soft rather than an attention snatcher.

Clutter-free interface and quick navigation

In an LMS system, the navigation options for moving forward must be effortless. It will keep learners focussed and occupied. 

LMS must consist of the least number of clicks for completing any process. This is also important for administrators when allocating courses and designating training initiatives for learners.

No one likes to work in a cluttered environment. A clutter-free LMS solves several problems at once. It helps learners have an obstruction-free environment, where they can only intend to register in and advance directly for the training process. And for administrators, it simplifies the administration task by exhibiting only the most essential data and minimizing the number of clicks needed to complete a task.

Moreover, setting important information in a strategic way guarantees that awareness of learners and administrators are guided where it is needed most.

Comparable with other software

LMS is a system that needs regular up-gradation. Nowadays, learners are working on several software and platforms. They have great access to various LMS systems at the same time. The world is working on various software systems for learning and development. If you want your LMS system to be the best, you need to work on its UI and UX design. Nowadays, LMS has started to look like various popular social media platforms. We need to make the LMS system attractive and captive for learners.


The basic structure of LMS has changed as image learning libraries and visualization are updated to it. It looks more interactive, advanced, and revolutionary. Most of the learning management systems look similar. And learners found it unstimulating and dull. So, updating and upgrading the LMS and its UI and UX to inspire the latest generation in the way forward!

We know the importance of a nice presenting LMS. InventtEd’s LMS is designed with the latest UI and UX systems. InventtEd’s LMS has practical attractiveness to boost learners’ engagement and enhance their learning experience. It provides students with various interactive systems with good graphics and visual effects. Students and schools may find them resourceful throughout the learning process.

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