Aptitude test for Children in schools

Nowadays, aptitude tests are the bare minimum for an individual to qualify. Whether he wants his dream college or a desired job, an aptitude test is necessary. These tests are designed to quantify a person’s strength and abilities in a specific domain or a knowledge field.

For decades now, such tests have held an important status in society. They are a good barometer of an individual’s talents, reasoning, emotional, intellectual and artistic abilities. This isn’t just limited to assessing one’s strengths but also helps transition to further studying requirements.

Importance of aptitude tests

  • Deeper awareness of strengths and weaknesses: Being aware of what one’s strengths and weaknesses are is the biggest blessing one can have. A person who isn’t aware of his plus and minus points can’t lead his desirable course of action. Taking aptitude tests is one of the most eminent ways to understand one’s integrity and capabilities.
  • Enhances odds of success: Higher the awareness of one’s strengths and weaknesses, it easier it gets to know what you want from yourself. Once the answer to ‘what?’ becomes clear, the odds of being successful are multiplied several times.

With the advancement of mental development, the kinds of aptitude tests also to get elevated to the next level. Such tests and articles are discussed in the following study.


Most commonly, aptitude tests are known by the name of IQ tests. The IQ score of an individual is obtained from the assessment of standardised tests taken by him. All such tests help in evaluating his human intelligence. However, unlike some of the other aptitude tests, it is not a perfect test to measure an individual’s emotional, musical, and artistic abilities.

Critics look down upon such tests for being biased in nature. A distinction between those who belong to affluent backgrounds and those who belong to lower sections of society is created. In a comparative study, students from established households perform better than children of lower socio-economic backgrounds. Thus, giving nonsupporters a chance to look down upon such ATs. 

Aptitude test V/S Achievement Test

Achievement tests are the annual examinations taken by the students in school. Such tests test the quality of knowledge students gained after the entire year of devoting their time. On the other hand, aptitude tests measure an individual’s learning and grasping capacity. They measure a student’s capability of learning and acquiring a new skill by measuring a student’s natural inclinations.

Achievement tests are generally subjective and are taken just to qualify for a certain degree or schooling level. However, aptitude tests play a major role in helping students decide the area of their interests. Such tests, if designed systematically, can act as a stepping stone for those who want to exploit their highest potential. The people who want to attain new heights of the limitless sky of opportunities also prepare for such tests.

Aptitude tests for elementary school

When young, the human mind is capable of adapting to new skills in even the hardest strata of the education field. Therefore, aptitude tests are conducted for elementary school students to know their suitability and adaptability for special programmes. Such tests include mathematics, science, computer olympiads, coding, software, innovation and creativity, and even sports and athletics.

Several schools also conduct MLAT, to filter out students who are capable of learning a new language. Science, computers and robotics olympiads for evaluating technical and mechanical capabilities are also prominent at such levels of education.

Aptitude tests for Middle school students

Middle school students are about the standards ranging from 10th to 12th. These students either have entered or are in the mental process of entering the pressure of choosing their career field. Hundreds and thousands of such aspirants opt for counselling and career aptitude tests to choose their dominant area of interest.

Myriad of them join numerous coaching centres to sharpen their intellect to compete in the ever-growing competition in today’s world. Such coaching institutes prepare and equip these students with numerical ability, reasoning skills, verbal and quantitative aptitude, and many more. Two of such important tests are the Differential Aptitude Test and the Occupational Aptitude Survey and Interest Schedule.

Aptitude tests for high school students

After completing the school education, students are well equipped with the knowledge. Thus, they are constantly searching for the best career option for themselves.

In addition to the Differential Aptitude Test and OASIS, high school students may take another test to make sure about the path they want to choose. For example, those who want to pursue armed services can go and opt for ASVAB, Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery. People with an inclination towards the medical profession can go for NEET, National Eligibility cum Entrance Test, and those with managerial aspirations can prepare for DU JAT, Delhi University Joint Admission Test.

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