How can we Help?

Are you looking to digitize your school & make teaching-learning a lifetime experience?


How can we Help?

Are you looking to digitize your school & make teaching-learning a lifetime experience?


InventtEd™ School Management Software (ERP) Solves Your School's Digital Need

Be a Futuristic Educational Institute

InventtEd™ offers its clients a comprehensive and easy-to-use ERP system that enables school administrators to bolster productivity and manage their institutions in a more efficient manner while reducing the time and effort that is required for running a school.

Our Key Modules

Advanced Administrative School Management Software (ERP)

Custom Branding

Multiple Branch

Student Information

Teacher Management

Classroom Management

Time Management

Exam scheduler

Payment & Fee management

Access Management

SMS Gateway Services

Email Gateway Services

Custom Branding

You can easily promote and publicize your institution at your own convenience

Multiple Branch

You can see, observe and understand the overall performance of all your schools on the dashboard with a single master view.

Student Information

All the information of each student is safely stored in our Inventted’s ERP .

Teacher Management System

You can access all the details of a teacher starting from their name and joining date to the responsibility assigned to them.

Classroom and Section management

This facilitates the scheduling of subjects to be taught and allotted to the particular class.

Time Table Management

Preparing timetables for all the classes, section-wise.

Exam scheduler

We help you with this with our InventtEd’s best and most effective ERP to schedule all your students’ examinations at a click.

Payment & Fee Management

Fee Invoice and Due Invoices are automatically generated for one or multiple people just with a click.

Access Management

This service restricts the information to be shown to each individual based on their access levels.

SMS Gateway Services

These SMS vendors make your work much simpler and easier for sending the information to parents.

Email Gateway Services

It enables you to send promotional, information-based, or progress of each student to their parents.

Our Features


Entirely Customizable Based On The Requirements.


Complete Automation For Smarter Decisions.


Complete Branding & Showcase.


Increase Daily Productivity.


Cloud Based Advanced Technology.

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High Performance & Better Employee Happiness.


All The Institutes Can Be Monitored From One Single Login.

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Deepen Student Learning With Technology.


Reduced Effort Of Manual Tasks


Anywhere access right from your palm.


Hassle Free Onboarding And Migration

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Save Money & Improve Student Engagement.

Importance of a School Management System

As education institutions around the world strive to achieve their vision and goals, they need a solution that improves the management of students, faculty, administrators, and other resources. The School Management system software from Inventted is fully capable of handling the workload associated with school management activities. It streamlines major functions such as fee collection, academic timetable scheduling, results declaration, and annual meetings.
With the help of simple-to-use free school management software from Inventted, schools may better manage their resources and improve inter-school communication among employees all over with its sophisticated features. We are aware that administrative and managerial activities in an educational institution can be tiresome and time-consuming. While managing the day-to-day tasks of the school, you have to pay attention not only to teachers but also to students. The easiest way to make sure this happens is to use a school management system software, which will help you with everything from managing daily tasks to awarding students and keeping track records for teachers to helping with online applications.

InventtEd Brings The No. 1 School ERP

Invented ERP provides a centralized dashboard view that includes all the relevant information for all stakeholders. Real-time information on a student’s progress, attendance history, and forthcoming activities makes it possible for parents and instructors to stay informed at all times, which improves communication with the school.
Schools can streamline their school administration procedures by integrating an ERP system for school management. For instance, schools can conduct all admissions procedures without the use of paper, improving efficiency and reducing time and expenses. Data about students and employees can be accessed simply and whenever, which lowers errors, thanks to better records management. Teachers may spend less time planning and more time focusing on implementation because of the simplicity and efficiency of managing learning content. Teachers no longer need to manually follow up on assignments like homework and assessments, which saves time. ERP solutions are revolutionizing the education industry by giving administrators, instructors, and campus infrastructure unprecedented power.