How can we Help?

Are you looking to digitize your school & make teaching-learning a lifetime experience?


How can we Help?

Are you looking to digitize your school & make teaching-learning a lifetime experience?


InventtEd™ Artificial Intelligence Services (AI) Solves Your Institute's Academic Issues

Be a Futuristic Educational Institute

With an objective of reimagining education through advanced AI services, InventtEd™ has overcome knowledge gaps in the traditional education system and ushered in a new wave of automation with smart content, virtual tutor, text summarization, automated essay grading, 24/7 access to learning and much more.

Our Key Modules

Advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Text Summarization

Automated Essay Grading

Feedback/complaint Analysis

Text Summarization

Automatic text summarization is the task of producing a concise and fluent summary.

Automated Essay Grading

AEG is the use of specialized computer programs to assign grades to essays without the intervention of humans.

complaint Analysis

AI-powered systems work on pattern detection which helps them categorize unstructured feedback automatically.

Unusual Language Detection

Our AI is capable enough to identify the unusual language in the application and blocks the users to post. This can be implemented in any language.

Automated Timetable Generator

Our AI will help to generate it automatically and also helps to save time.

Virtual Tutor (Q&A Bot)

The system is created to provide immediate answers to students’ questions.

Student Performance Prediction

This helps institutions to predict the risk early at the individual student level and can go deeper at the individual topic level.

Our Features

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A lot of time is spent by teachers in administrative activities like grading and assessment of worksheets.


The use of AI in education can help automate the grading and assessment of activities like multiple choice questions, fill in the blanks, etc.


Another tedious and cumbersome activity for teachers is preparing the report cards


Automation of administrative activities means teachers can spend more time with the students, thus making the learning processt

The Best AI Based Learning & Teaching Solutions

First and foremost, it is crucial to realize that the use of artificial intelligence in education does not imply that humans will be replaced by machines or robots in typical classroom settings. It is more about equipping them with cutting-edge tools and technologies to support students’ growing requirements and the demand for individualized instruction.
Our clients may revolutionize their educational and learning platforms and provide students and users with a valuable learning experience with our machine learning and AI solutions. We can assist you in boosting the efficiency of your learning platforms and traditional services using AI-powered adaptive learning methodologies.

AI-Powered Adaptive Learning Methodologies: