How does an ERP solution help schools?

ERP is a management software that provides integrated applications to manage a large amount of data, storage, collection, and interpretation of data and reduces manual labour work. In recent years, gadgets have revolutionised the work processing system worldwide. And schools are no exception. ERP solutions for schools expand the area to reduce administrative work without maintaining physical files making everything work effortlessly and more efficiently. And if you are looking for an ERP solution, InventtEd is here to provide you with features that will match your purpose. 

This blog will look at certain features that InventtEd provides to upgrade your system cost-effectively.

ERP solutions for school management assist school administrations-

Each child’s modules and records may be conveniently maintained and accessed to eliminate errors. A user-friendly and simple-to-manage interface enables better record and file management with minimal manual intervention. Data management is centralised, with easy access from a remote system. All student and school records are kept in a secure environment.

Reduced reliance on humans, improved turnaround time and processes

ERP solutions serve not only school administration but also teachers-

Student assessment management can be automated and made more efficient.

One of the most basic and time-consuming procedures, attendance management, is automated.

Teachers have quick access to pupils’ attendance and academic data to track a child’s progress better.

Teachers can better connect with and interact with parents. Management of lesson plans, scheduling, and assessments becomes less difficult.

Aside from the benefits provided to administration and teachers, parents can also profit from an ERP system-

Receive regular updates on the child’s academic progress and assessment reports.

The ability to view the child’s attendance reports.

Obtain fee records as well as reminders.

Participation in school activities and parent-teacher conferences.

Updates on upcoming events, holidays, and procedures at the school.

Features of All-inclusive ERP solutions:

InventtEd includes potential functions to reduce extra costs. All-Inclusive ERP solutions make your management process easier and faster. 

  1. Deploys integrated modules:

With the advancements in technology, schools are implementing digital solutions against the traditional methods. An ERP solution for a school maintains ERP for students, management, parents, and faculty. Each module can store data relevant to each individual. Each function is designed to improve function and utility. The different types of modules available for school ERP software are mechanised with operations based entirely on your institutional needs like helping to collaborate and communicate with each other, managing timetables and attendance, handling paperwork, online class, examinations etc.

  1. Simplifies School Management:

School used to be an entity where a handful of people managed everything easily and effortlessly. But in recent years, the number of students getting enrolled in a school has increased. And managing the higher number of information with fewer staff members seemed like a loaded task. Schools burdened with administrative work always sought a digitalised process to empower improved functionality. Taking care of the admission process, form fill ups, exams, and other tasks have become challenging. It left the administration in a disorganised state. InventtEd provides the needful ERP solutions with improvised management functionality, making all the complicated tasks easier. Data became a necessity InventtEd surfaces as an answer to all those complexities.

  1. Zero IT & infrastructure cost:

There are costs of expenses for infrastructure that can be reduced with digitisation. A school ERP solution can host the web for only one-time payment. It supports 24/7 services which you can access for a quick redressal. It also cuts down expenses from installation, IT infrastructure, maintenance and other additional costs.

  1. Saves printing and production expenses:

A school maintains everything using paperwork. Stationery items like paper, pens are vital things in any educational institution. And organising the physical documents received from students and bills printed out to the students by the administrator takes up most of the money. It is where the ERP solution comes in. InventtEd offers ERP solutions that provide paperless solutions. This solution fixes and arranges paperwork and retains data without the fear of losing it. This digital solution makes it easier to download, organise and share information with other departments effortlessly. It can generate reports, notices and results, and various other notifications, which minimises production expenses and saves printing. It increases the productivity and quality of service.

  1. Synchronizes departments:

A school ERP can save time and effort with some clicks. Departments get synchronised that offer to distribute work evenly. It gets easier to distribute responsibility when there are no barriers to communication. Thus, InventtEd provides ERP solutions for schools that can disintegrate communication barriers among various departments in an educational institution. Therefore, it helps in effectively optimising time and communication among them to minimise time consumption, increasing better productivity and efficiency through the established network process. 

InventtEd ERP Solution-The way to productive ROI

Distance learning has allowed the implementation of some far-fetched technologies. From minimising the costs to a large extent to having the availability at our doorstep, digitalisation has helped us access everything at our fingertips. These needed devices and online tools optimize most of the school expenses. The components that make most of the expanses must be outlined. Before arriving at a definite conclusion, an institution must figure out and calculate the economic aspects to see how an ERP can serve it over some time.


An ERP for an educational institution involves only one-time payment. It can be overwhelming for an institution to implement such advanced technologies for the first time. But the solution that it brings with it can lure you to have such technology in your hands. We are proud to introduce InventtEd ERP school software specifically designed to perform school functions that have all the features you would be looking for in an ERP software. Features like integrated modules, simplified school management system, providing zero IT & infrastructure cost to saving expenses from printing and production and synchronising departments. Take a step further, and you will see yourself in the future with the digital implementation.

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