Unique Features of InventtEd Enterprise Resource Planner that gives it an upper edge

Are you exhausted from working all round the clock? Is it worrisome to collect and organize data? Or managing the administrative system seems to be a tedious task? InventtEd is here to provide you with the requirements for your educational institution. You will be able to manage everything just at the click of a button. All the features of InventtEd’s ERP will promote speedy task completion.

An ERP is software that organizes a collection of structured information electronically. This data can be easily accessed, controlled, modified, organized, and updated accordingly to the user’s choice. ERP software was originally developed for the business sector, but it is used in other sectors because of its compatibility to perform different functions. InventtEd provides ERP for schools, colleges, and universities that perform various functions that are required for an institution.

Unique Features of InventtEd ERP:

InventtEd facilitates unique features in the ERP that help an institution run smoothly. Utilizing developed digital software to reduce the mismanagement at work which is the core problem of organizing a large amount of data, minimizes the extra load on the school’s administrative system. InventtEd comes up with the core solution that an institution needs. It functions with unique features.

Custom Branding

We offer ERP solutions with custom branding. We provide the best applications for your institution to have a personalized and customized management system that lowers your effort while managing your administrative workload. Any institution, be it a school, college, or university, is free to choose customized solutions based on their administrative work and other requirements. An institution will have an effective system to track the students for better performance. With the InventtEd ERP solution with custom branding, an institution will have all the information in a single system.

Multi-Branch Management

We offer a Multi-Branch Management ERP solution system that is affordable and professional. With the InventtEd ERP school solution system, we offer a detailed view of multiple branches simultaneously. A multi-branch Management system has features that offer a separate data storage system for administrative work, student information, and various others. It allows no mixing of data and an easy collection while in need. It ensures for each branch a smooth workflow. An institution having multiple branches benefits from these unique features. It facilitates the running of an institution with a single centralized system. It ensures an easy staff management system to access records to finalize reports from the different branches.

Student Information System

We offer you an automated school management system for the holistic growth and development of the students. It is to benefit the students, parents, and teachers the most. Besides, it will make your task management way easier than before. Our ERP school solution offers Student Information System that includes:

  1. Library management: This system tracks the library’s records without you handling it otherwise. The most important library functions such as books issued and returned, delays in returning books, the condition of the books and the fee collection, and the book records are managed by this system.
  2. Admission management: Managing the admission process is a lengthy and time-consuming task. But with the ERP solution, we offer you organized management of the enrollment process, students’ information, and the results can be published online for the parents, guardians, and the students to view. 
  3. Student behaviour tracking and analysis: Students’ progression and behaviour are difficult to analyze. Therefore, an ERP solution with this feature allows you to record students’ behaviour on an everyday basis and analyzes the effectiveness of learning.
  4. Student record management: This feature in the InventtEd ERP solution includes a management system for the college and university level to manage the data for their extracurricular activities, discipline, performance, complaints. This electronic software can save and update the records in a few minutes. 

Teacher Management System

We provide an ERP school solution that features user-friendly teacher management tools and automated monitoring for all your classes. It assists the teacher to reduce the time for managing all the processes manually through the software. It features automatic writing, evaluation, assessment assignments and exam papers, distribution of assignments, grades and test scoring calculations, and generation of reports. Besides, we also offer the features that include:

  1. A wide range of settings for personalization
  2. Tools for teachers to update new content.
  3. Internet-based easy communication between teacher and student.
  4. Easy student registration process.

Classroom and Section management

An ERP school solution by InventtEd provides software for Classroom and Section Management that features unique features:

  1. Advanced Monitoring Tools: With the help of advanced monitoring tools, teachers can constantly check on the student’s activities and guide them accordingly.
  2. Optimum Usage of Time: It helps the teacher keep track of every student effectively and manage the class within the limited time frame.
  3. Remote Access: It allows digitally integrated rooms that help a teacher gain remote access to the student’s devices.
  4. Team Work: It helps a teacher classify the students in a team and assign them tasks to understand the importance of teamwork and develop coordination.
  5. Effective Connection: It helps build an effective connection between the teacher and the students.

Time Table Management

It is essential to include an intelligent timetable design that ensures perfect resources management and quality education imparted to the students within the limited school time. But to design a timetable that truly fixes the needs is tough. We offer an ERP school solution with a timetabled feature that makes timetable management easier. These features include:

  1. It automatically generates the daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly timetable based on the school’s preferences.
  2. It allows the creation of a timetable based on different standards and class divisions.
  3. It allows you to add more than one teacher to the same class.
  4. It acts as an error-free timetable.
  5. Teachers can view their allocated class through login.
  6. It also allows you to generate the analysis of the timetable according to your use.

Exam Scheduler

Scheduling an exam requires much planning and is laborious and time-consuming. Invigilators are allocated for the exam duties, requiring effort, planning, and time. But an exam scheduler with this unique feature offered by InventtEd helps easily with paper reading duties and creates an easy way for the invigilators to manage the planning. It also helps in scheduling exams while managing the sitting arrangements effortlessly. From the school levels to the college and university level, it assists in implementing a similar structure just in a few clicks. We provide these special features that include:

To create and manage exams of different standards, be it for schools, colleges, or universities.

To manage different term exams simultaneously.

Manage different timing and for different subjects.

Proper sitting allocations for the students.

The ERP school solution we provide assists in monitoring the examination schedule through the online platform, measuring the student’s performance, helping record attendance digitally, and reducing the manual paperwork. Again, it also records the exams and their reports digitally.  

Payment & Fee management

We offer an ERP solution with special payment and fee management features that include multiple accounts, fee receipts sets, financial year, master particulars, master discounts, etc. This will make your management easier.

Access Management

We provide an ERP school solution software that allows you to have an Access Management System. This is a unique feature that Inventt Ed ERP offers. This system helps you control user access, including tracking and changing authorizations as per the requirement. It supports visualization features, regulatory compliance and many more features.

SMS Gateway services

InventtEd offers SMS Gateway services that feature Intelligent Message Sending options, Receiving Messages, Message Forwarding, Message Replies and many more that makes your communication seamless, easier and faster.

Email Gateway services

 We provide services that are secure and safe within your Institution. Email Gateway Services allows you to transmit information safely. The unique features that InventtEd provides include Email Encryption Gateway, Email Filtering Services, Secure Analysis that provides the security that an Institution wants.


InventtEd provides an ERP solution with the unique features required to run an educational institution smoothly and effectively without worrying about handling the sheer number of tasks. It puts an end to manual labour, loads of paperwork, assembling information, tracking students’ performance, organizing exams, arranging tests, and plenty more. We offer a centralized 360 AI service to transform your Institution that has a variety of super-powered features that includes: 

  1.  Learning library: Learning library facilitates the institution to organize live classes, online meetings, and video content.
  2. Communication and collaboration: This module facilitates advanced collaboration tools for seamless communication among the teachers, students, and parents. It is known that communication plays a pivotal role in a child’s development.
  3. Awards and rewards: InventtEd’s unique solutions facilitate the scope for challenges, offering awards and rewards to keep the students motivated.
  4.  Performance analysis system
  5.  Live class meetings
  6. Query management system
  7. Assignments and assessment system
  8. Live Chat
  9. Passion and interests
  10. Online attendance
  11. Intelligent feedback system
  12. Community forums
  13. Analysis and analytics system

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