Benefits of live chat in the education industry

Websites, social media, virtual walkthroughs, and video marketing have aided in the search for educational institutions. As a result, schools aggressively place technology in kids’ hands and utilize digital learning more than ever before. However, there is a simple approach to advancing this technology.

Live chat extends the life of student interactions beyond the admission letter and is a modern method to stay engaged across the university, state lines, and countries. This piece will discuss how live chat might benefit prospective students, existing students, instructors, and staff in the education business.

  • Proactively engage your visitors- 

Live chat allows you to contact your website users proactively. Your customized chat widget will display on specific web pages and prompt visitors to interact. It is perfect for potential students and parents who have a particular question about your school but don’t want to bother writing an email or making a phone call.

We propose employing proactive conversation on the sites where visitors frequently stall, such as course offers or entrance requirements pages. Then, a simple live chat button waits idly by on your website for a prospective student to access at any moment for all other queries.

  • Have more meaningful talks at the same time-

Prospective and incoming students want a clear, immediate channel of connection. Live chat aids in the development of early relationships by demonstrating that your school attempts to address the demands of its students even in the early stages. As a result, InventtEd provides Sticky Chat, which links returning visitors with the Operator they previously interacted with.

Furthermore, every chat is automatically recorded as a transcript. It makes it easier for students and faculty to track correspondence and retain critical information.

  • Increase parental involvement-

Engaging in your child’s education is easier while they are young and rely on you to pick where they will attend school. It’s easy to lose contact with youngsters. According to the Academic Development Institute, parents have limited engagement. Either their child wants it that way, or they do not believe they can assist.

Live chat makes your institution more reachable to parents who want to learn more about the study programme their child is interested in. Because it’s available immediately on your website, parents may chat with a representative whenever it’s convenient for them – even during their lunch break at work.

  • Provide multilingual assistance

Live chat is a low-cost method of worldwide communication for multinational schools. In addition, because students living abroad frequently use internet tools to select a school, it makes sense to talk with them there.

InventtEd allows you to create Operator Groups, which is helpful if your website is available in more than one language. For example, if your website has a Spanish version, you may include a widget that links visitors to an agent from the Spanish-speaking Operator Group. It guarantees that the visitor is always sent to the correct agent.

You may also utilize the Group Select function to allow your site visitors to select their favorite language from a menu before the discussion begins. If you have multilingual support agents that can communicate with a wide range of visitors, utilize the Operator Abilities configuration to identify their relevant skills. By connecting their Skill Set to the right widgets, they will only receive visitors for whom they are most suited.

  • Make yourself more available.

Your service hours may not always be convenient for your potential pupils, especially if they are still in high school, reside in a different time zone, or have a restricted internet connection. That is why live chat provides a contact form via which visitors may ask queries at any time.

Your Chat Widget allows you to show an offline message form for site users to utilize after hours, with answers routed to a specified email address. Prospective students will find it much easier to use; they won’t have to look for the correct person to send their request to or worry about missing a follow-up call.

  • Give your student body a chance to speak up.

In addition to boosting student/instructor connection, live chat allows existing students to easily express their ideas or concerns.

If a department desires to gather feedback on its study programme or instructors, live chat allows students to provide honest, anonymous comments. Because a chat widget does not require an agent to be present, students may provide feedback at any time, which is subsequently sent to an allocated email or management system.

You may utilize InventtEd’s Survey functionality to deliver a multi-question survey for immediate reviews before or after the conversation. The responses are then kept in the chat transcript for future reference.

  • Allow pupils to report problems or ask sensitive questions.

Your school may have an emergency phone number, but for less severe situations, live chat allows you to report difficulties on campus quickly and easily.

A chat widget on an emergency hotline website allows students or employees to report a concern in private. In addition, InventtEd integrate with WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Telegram, allowing students to utilize the communication channel that is most convenient for them.

If students need to address a delicate subject, they can do so without attending an office and showing their identities.

  • Enhance student-instructor connection.

As class numbers increase, instructors look to digital tools to interact with students. Though open office hours are the finest opportunity for students to interact with their instructor one-on-one, several conditions make it difficult to connect.

Live chat allows professors to quickly “meet” with students while maintaining a personal touch. In addition, instructors can design and install a widget with an available timetable on their department or school’s website. Now, as you have seen why live chat is necessary, we want to offer you the LMS system invented by our company which is very well versed with all these features, giving us the chance to make your children’s life better. 

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