Benefits of the connected school community

A group of students, leaders, teachers, and parents is a connected school community that assists diversified learning, in a collaborative environment, within or without the classroom. A connected school community connects learners, schools, and advanced technologies to meet the learning requirements. 

But, what makes a connected community beneficial? Why does an educational institution need it? How do your institutions get these services? 

Importance of connected school community

A connected school community creates a platform to enhance productive learning outcomes, collaboration, and support. Let us look in detail the importance of connected school community learning:

Connect people with the school community

A connected school community is a system where students, parents, teachers, and other school members are connected in the school environment or outside to promote connectivity. Connected school communities build students’ soft communication skills, a sense of belonging, a proper gateway to express thoughts and feelings. Connection with the school community makes the students understand the value of community. Communities collaborate with people reflecting different backgrounds with different ideas, concepts, and values. With connectivity comes unique ideas. Without communication and collaboration, learning cannot occur. Besides, a proper social connection can boost confidence and help create new friendships.

Promote shared learning goals and collaboration

Humans are social beings. Therefore, it becomes crucial for the students to understand the value and importance of communication. A shared learning goal in the classroom enhances the students’ collaborative-learning ability. To promote healthy learning within the school community, a proper connection among the students and the teachers stands as the primary step. The students possessing a strong sense of connection with the teachers, peer groups, and other school community staff enhance the accountability among the school community. A collaborative learning skill in a student boosts confidence in them while promoting a strong sense of communication skills. Besides, the students can boost the necessary skills that stand crucial in the future, and they are bound to incorporate them.

Increase learning opportunities for students

An environment enhancing collaborative learning helps students open themselves up and reflect the truest thought processes, feelings, and skills. This reflection of the inner self is possible only within an environment proposing a collaborative learning environment. In addition, a collaborative learning environment helps the students to receive feedback. For instance, the students’ bad behavior can be detected when it is reflected by the student in the school community. The process of alteration of behaviour will take place with proper feedback. This behaviour alteration is impossible when a student learns without collaboration and feedback.

Support personalized student learning journey

Students do not learn at the same pace even if they have the same environment. Keeping that in mind, it becomes crucial for educators to engage them in personalized learning. Personalized learning is possible only through the introduction of a connected school community. A connected community enhances the students’ increased engagement and helps progress in personalized learning for every individual student.

Create an inclusive learning community

Students engaged in a collaborative setting where members brought up in diverse communities possessing diversified knowledge and skills create an inclusive learning community. A collaborative learning environment addresses the upliftment of the crucial skills to develop in the students. A school community that focuses on the individual students’ needs and requirements and their academic needs should include collaborative learning as an integral part of their school environment. It can assist in imparting a valuable and quality education where community learning is met.

Encourage shared responsibility Importance of connected school community

A connected school community encourages shared responsibility among the students in the school environment itself. With all the members included, the school community has an integral role in the school to promote the proper learning goals of the students. In the students’ learning to solve problems, develop reasoning, and promote a peer-to-peer connection becomes the shared responsibility of the school community. Through the shared connection among the students, educators, and the other community staff, the students will understand the value of community connection and responsibility. As school cannot go alone, all the members along with the teacher have to share the responsibility to value and understand each other.

Ways to create a connected community with online learning platforms and education software.

Now that we are confined to the home for our safety, the thought of developing our skills has also been confined within the four walls. As a result, students do not have a proper collaborative and learning environment for the crucial skills to develop and benefit from community learning. InventtEd introduces you to the services of an online LMS system to enhance and better the connection and collaborative learning for the betterment of the students. Following the benefits that come packed with InventtEd’s LMS provider.

Personalized learning spaces

Even if the school cannot directly engage the students in community learning, they can avail the InventtEd LMS services to cater to the specific needs of the individual students. Building up Personalized learning spaces to engage and connect with the students with the powerful tools provided by InventtEd will assist them in engaging in community-based learning. It will support extra guidance for the students in need and eliminate all the barriers. Keeping the situation in mind, InventtEd has become the best LMS provider in India to promote community-based learning right at home.

Network of support in one platform

A proper communication channel must be created for a proper learning environment to occur among the school community. A proper channel will ensure you have proper communication, support, and guidance from the educators. This platform will assist the members with a support network in just one platform to occur. With InventtEd’s LMS services, everyone can share information and valuable resources to communicate and collaborate on assignments in real-time in the created virtual space.

Nurture collaboration and reflective practice

The reflective practice of the educators and leaders is crucial to nurturing collaboration among the community. Educators must be allowed to reflect, brush up, and renew their learning practices to follow the school procedures for the proper empowerment of the students. The reflective practice to occur, educators need a platform filled with information and knowledgeable content in real-time, which is provided by InventtEd’s LMS services. They can share information, collaborate, and resources based on their needs via InventtEd’s LMS tools.

Community knowledge

Schools play a crucial role in supporting educators and learners by providing them with a shared virtual place to encourage a sense of connection and togetherness. Sharing the learning materials and expectations with the school community members encourages a sense of connectivity that enables them to contribute value and goals to the school. With InventtEd’s LMS services, an educational institution can share its valuable knowledge through various tools incorporated in it. They can update the relevant content through the school portal while at the same time notifying the parents about the learners’ performances and progression.

Continuous feedback and reporting

Feedback to the students is crucial and an integral part of the learning process. Feedback to the students stands as the pillar to their progression. However, it becomes difficult to track the learners’ performance and progression without a proper channel. InventtEd’ LMS services assist the school in tracking the learners’ progression and performance and provide valuable feedback in real-time. This ensures the students take their level of engagement with their parents and extended family.


Now that we know the importance and value of a connected school community, it is crucial to know what services bring you the pleasure of a connected school community. It is also crucial to know the tools and services that come with the services. InventtEd is proud to introduce LMS services with super-powered tools to enhance a better-connected school community.

  • HD Quality Academic Videos
  • Live classes 
  • Query Management
  • Live Chat
  • Online & Offline Assessments with manual and automatic creation of assignments/quizzes.
  • Virtual Teacher for every student
  • Content mapping 
  • Live meetings
  • Recordings
  • Document Sharing 
  • Rewards system
  • Collaboration tools
  • Communities

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