How to communicate effectively with your students in a live class?

While properly connecting with students in your live classrooms helps with engagement, as educators, we should strive to do something other than maintain our students. To alleviate the sense of insecurity that some online students feel, we should offer them a sense of unity while enrolled in online programs.

The purpose of online interaction is the same as in face-to-face conversation: to bond, exchange information, be heard and be understood. Creating a feeling of community in Best LMS in India in online classrooms will make the learning opportunity more relevant. Moreover, it will assist them in remaining connected throughout the course’s duration.

Why is effective communication important in a live class?

We communicate with students to offer or obtain information, develop knowledge, and establish connections, whether in a face-to-face or live class. However, due to the lack of body posture in the online class environment, engaging with students needs more effort and planning than talking with students in a physical situation. 

In a classroom setting, you have the advantage of employing face and body language to assist you in communicating and conveying your message to your students. However, because you are confined to utilizing text and/or visuals to help you get your point across in a virtual classroom, you do not have the luxury of employing body language to assist you in communicating.

Have a communication plan

  • Consider your strategy to be a plan; you understand where you want to go, but you need a way to get there. Your journey is determined by the plan.
  • The strategic communications planning will assist you in determining who you need to contact, whatever you want them to know, and how you might reach them. You’ll discover that your target audiences have distinct qualities, demands, and motivations. You will find the most efficient ways to interact with them via preparation.
  • There are several methods for disseminating your message. This will assist you in deciding which activities you will participate in so that you are not constantly tugged in numerous ways.

Determine how you will communicate

Share an email address with students, or use communication tools. Telecommunication offers all of the advantages of a phone call without giving your cell number if you do not desire to.

Additionally, organize regular live Q&A sessions. This allows you to handle similar issues simultaneously, saving everyone time. Remember to supplement this with a few one-on-one sessions each week if learners/parents need to discuss anything more personal.

Determine when you will communicate

Consider when you need to communicate with your students and what you hope to achieve. For example, you may need to notify your online class students that the deadline for completing a test has been postponed. Why are you connecting with students in this situation? To inform pupils that they have the option of retaking the test if necessary. What do you hope to accomplish with this communication? To notify your students that the exam completion date has been extended.

Determine how your students should communicate

Communication skills are critical in interactions with students since teaching itself necessitates them. You are responsible for grasping and breaking down complicated information, communicating this knowledge clearly to your students (both vocally and in written resources), presenting in a way that maintains their attention, and listening to and addressing any queries or issues.

Here are a few suggestions to improve communication with your students in a live class

Remember, less is more.

Begin and facilitate discussions during art, paired reading, and gameplay. In this approach, you provide assistance and scaffolding for kids to develop greater communication skills.

Be clear

You must also adapt content to diverse learning styles, push students to learn, establish supportive connections via support and understanding, interact with teachers, and provide feedback – all while creating a secure and friendly learning environment in your classroom. All of these activities need effective communication abilities.

Be polite

If changes are required, keep in mind that habits aren’t always simple to break, and every minor improvement is a win! Make it a point to focus on only one or two aspects of classroom communication at a time.

Provide feedback

Positive feedback motivates pupils to improve their performance in all areas. Giving positive comments is an essential component of encouraging kids to communicate effectively.

Ask for opinion

Allowing pupils to express their thoughts in the classroom is also vital to strengthen kids’ communication skills. Asking for their opinions in class will help students build communication skills.

Be aware of your responsibilities.

Consider the implications of presenting your own views on an issue, understanding that it may suppress pupils who have opposing ideas. If you offer your own thoughts, be sure to expound on your thought process sufficiently to model the disciplinary thinking you want them to perform rather than the conclusion.

Participate in discussion forums

It is also a critical approach to boost pupils’ effective learning. Performing group projects and more team activities is an excellent method to shift the attention away from competing and working together to accomplish extraordinary achievements. This method may encourage communication, teamwork, and cooperation and aid pupils in speaking more effectively with their peers.


Effective teaching is characterized by effective classroom communication. It is your role as an educator to convey. You already know that good communication skills for teachers must be studied and practised regularly since you are already exceptional at what you do. Encourage yourself to be interested in what and how you communicate and how you may enhance your classroom interaction.

Remember to seek outcomes in your own and your student’s outcomes through InventtEd LMS. Then, they will be grateful to you for teaching them natural communication talent.

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