Unique Features Of Inventted’s Ai Services That Gives It An Upper Edge

Artificial intelligence (AI) has gotten a lot of attention in recent years, especially in the COVID-19 scenario. AI and its developments are causing quite a stir in the technology industry. As expected, the internet has played a critical role in the development of AI-enabled services. Although the term “artificial intelligence” is frequently used, not everyone understands what it is and what it is capable of.

You have interacted with AI if you have ever spoken with Siri, precisely searched for a film or show on Netflix, or asked Siri the temperature. Artificial intelligence, as defined by John McCarthy in 1955, is a machine that can solve problems that humans do using natural intelligence. AI is used to create agents or robots that can mimic human behaviour and make decisions on their behalf

Unique Features of our AI services

Text Summarization

Summarization is the process of condensing a piece of text into a shorter version, reducing the size of the original text while preserving key informational elements and content meaning. Because manual text summarization is a time-consuming and generally laborious task, automating the task is gaining popularity and thus serves as a strong motivation for academic research.

Text summarization has important applications in a variety of NLP tasks such as text classification, question answering, legal text summarization, news summarization, and headline generation. Furthermore, the generation of summaries can be integrated into these systems as an intermediate stage, which helps to shorten the document’s length. All these can be easily done by our artificial intelligence which will automatically give your education institution an upper edge.

Automated Essay Grading

AI scoring is a term that is frequently used interchangeably with artificial intelligence, the field of study that provides some of the techniques and tools used in automated scoring systems. Another term that is commonly used is automated evaluation, which emphasises the use of such systems for performance feedback rather than simply issuing a score. Other terms include automated grading, machine scoring, automated rating, machine marking, and synonyms for both automated and scoring. Automated essay grading is an effective feature that helps instructors to evaluate their students’ performance in a faster way.

Feedback/complaint Analysis

Pattern detection and classification problems are where AI excels. This is fantastic news for customer service. You can provide classes of appropriate solutions if you can identify the issues and group them together and it proves helpful in the education sector as well.

The benefit of using AI for feedback problems is that it allows you to dig into a stack of feedback expressed as sentences in our human language. This is far more revealing than simple star ratings because it elucidates the nature of the problem.

Before the AI, the only way to improve services was to record interactions with parents or staff and replay them to get to the bottom of the issue, or to sift through mountains of complaint emails. Based on text analytics, there is now a better and faster way.

Unusual language detection

There are various red flags that may indicate copied material in students’ papers. These include the usage of inconsistencies in writing styles within a single article, the use of wording or concepts that are more complex than you would expect (based on previous assignments from that student), or unexpected repetitions. This AI can help schools and colleges to detect unusual language and can guide our students to write  original content. 

Automated Timetable generator

The manual system of preparing time tables in schools/ colleges with a large number of students is time consuming and frequently results in different classes clashing either in the same room or with the same teachers having more than one class at a time. To address all of these issues, you can use Inventt Ed advanced AI solutions. The system will take various inputs such as details of students, subjects, classrooms, and teachers, and will generate a possible timetable based on these inputs, making optimal use of all resources in a way that best suits any constraints or college rules. Subjects on the list may include electives as well as core subjects. 

Virtual Tutor (Q&A Bot)

AI aids in optimising the pace of learning and instructional approach to educational programmes based on the interests of each learner. AI consistently resolves more complex tasks to speed up the learning process by adapting to an individual’s pace of learning. As a result, both types of students/learners  slow and quick can continue to study at their own pace.

Outside of the classroom, students can benefit from personalised online tutoring provided by AI. When students need to reinforce skills or master ideas at the start of an assignment, AI comes to the rescue by providing them with the necessary additional tools for success. In this way it provides a virtual teacher for every student which helps in the development of each and every student. Our company’s AI includes this feature and is also available at a very reasonable price.

Handwritten Text recognition

HTR technology can recognise handwritten text. This collection comprises 60,000 handwritten letters and numbers. The ability to read handwritten text and convert it into digital input is what has made Handwritten text recognition so valuable. It has a ready use in schools, assisting students in converting their notes into searchable, digital documents to boost their study. Historians and computer scientists have collaborated on a small number of initiatives to use machine learning to handwritten text recognition (HTR), with varying degrees of success.

Student performance prediction

Digital technologies, ranging from Artificial Intelligence (AI) to Big Data, play an important role in people’s daily lives. Tons of data are generated every second as a result of technological advancement. This data has positive outcomes and actionable insights for economies, governments, and societies. It is now widely used in retail, energy, banking, and finance, among other industries.

Education is a key industry that can benefit from the data revolution. Even today, this industry is held in high regard. Data science, particularly artificial intelligence (AI), can be used to automate repetitive tasks or to create interactive learning aids. There are numerous other applications, such as – interpreting student performance predictions. These performance predictions are especially useful for educators and policymakers.

Learning path recommendation

A learning path is created by trial-and-error from a learner’s submission history, and the learner’s ability chart is used as an indicator of their current knowledge. We present a method for building a learning path recommendation system using ability charts, as well as its implementation using a sequential prediction model and a recurrent neural network. Data from an e-learning system is used for experimental evaluation.


As we discussed above all the features of a well developed AI and how they can assist and help students in their studies. If you want to know more about our advanced AI solutions, get in touch with us.

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