How to drive more admissions for your school or college?

For any school or college, driving more admissions is the biggest challenge. If the school is located in a remote area, it becomes more difficult. Let us assume that your school is equipped with all the modern amenities and facilities, still, the major challenge lies in attracting the potential target audience’s attention to your school or college. Listed below are a few tips that will help you to attract more and convert them into admissions:

  1. Having an online presence: 

This is the basic requirement for any school or college to have a website and drive awareness regarding the USPs of your institute. Having a website is not enough though, but this is the first step towards digitization and automation through which you can generate more inquiries. Also, having a social media presence is very crucial for any school or college as it will lift up the visibility of your school. 

  1. Advertise your USPs:

Running a local campaign will serve the purpose of advertising your institute. However, you need to position your institute in a way that targets the right audience as per your fee structure and the financial capability of the parents. Running a campaign on google and social media will serve the purpose, recommended to run it during admission seasons only. 

  1. Create a feel-good factor from your digital presence:

There are numerous ways to generate a feel-good factor for your institute. Most people nowadays prefer to go online and look for the best schools or colleges for their children. They check the ratings and reviews first and then take time to experience the institute. This is the chance that you do not want to miss. However, a strong relationship manager or a counselor can do the rest of the part. 

  1. Having an online inquiry link: 

An online link helps you generate more inquiries.  It also helps you to track the incoming enquires and helps you convert the enquires into admissions. An online form can be created using a simple google form or using Typeform.

  1. Automizing the entire process: 

Having a school or college website integrated with an ERP makes the process of admissions much easier. You can keep scholarship tests open for various grades. You can also use the same website to announce the results of the admission test or you can use an ERP to send the notification to the parents. 

  1. Building a strong connection with the parent of existing students:

Marketing without building empathy with your customers doesn’t work. The same goes with the schools, where you need to build a strong connection with the parents of the existing students. Well, this very point can be converted into a new topic for elaboration, which we will do later, but just to give a head over about this tip is that connecting with the parents of existing students and providing a good experience, you can trigger the power of word-of-mouth marketing.

How InventtEd can help in driving more admissions?

InventtEd empowers a school with all the advanced digital necessities ranging from administrative and academic solutions. We help you save 90% on digitization costs and increase 200% productivity through our unique solutions. Our premium offerings: 

  • A robust cloud-based school or campus management system that allows you to manage multiple branches and automize your school administration
  • A user-friendly learning management system that serves all the academic needs
  • Marketing audits to advise direction and focus new marketing activity where it is needed
  • Marketing plan development, monitor success, and offer recommendations
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